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Latinoamerica valerio foundation

What we do

Our foundation has the challenge to let people with difficulty accessing health programs receive evaluation and treatment from our team of Neurosurgeons, led by one of the best in the field, Jose Valerio, MD.


The work at the foundation is characterized by collaboration, innovation, and the effort of the entire professional team.

Fellowship program

Part of our vision is to support educational programs focused on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of neurosurgical problems. That's why we offer a fellowship program to make research, education and training the next generation of future neurosurgeons.

About our director

Jose Valerio, MD.

Fellowship-trained Neurosurgeon.

Is leading the pack in neurosurgical proficiency and positive outcomes by combining mindful time and attention with the latest research, technology, and skill. Valerio, MD is trained and experienced in radiosurgery utilizing both the CyberKnife and the Leksell GammaKnife.

professional training

About their experience

He trained and worked as a Staff Neurosurgeon at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, and Florida for 8 years until 2013. Since he joined the Miami Neuroscience Center as Partner, Valerio’s, MD, main focus at the Miami Neuroscience Center is complex spine pathology and spine tumors. He is also the Neurosurgical Oncologist at Palmetto General Hospital, Larkin Hospital, and Aventura Hospital.

His extensive expertise in Neurosurgical Oncology provides him with the ability to conduct clinical trials and advanced therapies for glioblastoma, including Six Pillar Technique surgical treatment, Neuroblate Therapy (LASER Interstitial Thermo Therapy), Novo TTF 100, the use of Fluorescence for tumor removal, intraoperative Ultrasound and intraoperative MRI Neuro-Navigation for tumor removal and awake craniotomies.

He is also specializes in surgical spine techniques, such as Arthroplasty, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Kyphoplasty, and Spine Tumor surgery.

Contribution to education

Valerio’s, MD, interest to promote education led him to organize multiple scientific teaching programs. He is the Director of the Brain Tumor & Minimally Invasive Spine Symposium organized by the FLANC (Federation of Latin American Neurosurgeons) in Florida. This event integrates the North American and Latin American Neurosurgical communities.

He has received multiple awards in the field of brain tumors including:

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