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Fellowship program

Our fellowship program
Represents the best option for Latin American Neurosurgeons who want world-class training

It’s taught in 4 hospitals with excellent rankings in the United States, it has the highest quality and cutting-edge technology, such as Brain and Spinal Neuronavigation (BrainLab ®), 7 different brain micro-scopes, within which we have specific microscopes for oncological surgery with 3D images and fluorescence, particularly used in conjunction with 5-ALA is a compound ingested by the patient before surgery, (in a solution liquid) that causes malignant glioma cells to fluorescence. With this modified neurosurgical microscope, the neurosurgeon can more easily identify and remove the tumor lesion.

Be part of a

Friendly multicultural environment where you share, interact and learn

Our program is designed for Latin American Neurosurgeons to broaden their knowledge, develop clinical experience, think focused, and critically employ evidence-based neurological care for the neurosurgical population.


With the primary objective of providing a transition opportunity to practice focused on the specialty to become world leaders in the care of the neurosurgical population of patients in Latin America.


Our fellowship in Neuro-Oncology and Spinal Surgery will provide the optimal practice training environment for Latin American Neurosurgeons.


Unrivaled training in the use of NICO® BrainPath pneumatic ant exoscope and instrumentation, the world’s first and only trans-surcal system for standardized subcortical surgery.

Inmersive Education

Led by an interdiscipinary team

Specialists in interventional Neuro-radiology. Otolaryngology, Neurological Intensive Care, Neuroendocrinology, Neuroophthalmology. Neuro-oncology, Neuro-radiology.

In addition to extensive training in gamma-ray surgery (Gamma-knife®). This leads us to have a harmonious union between:

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